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Name: Amanda
Age: 18
Sex: Girl
Location: Everywhere but where I want to be.
Favorite Movie: ... do i need to say? ..... Anchorman! hah
Favorite Bands: The Beatles
Favorite Quote from the Movie: I love when ND is talking about Trisha, and he calls her "My woman I'm taking to the dance."
Have You actually seen the Movie?: Yes.
Favorite Character from the Movie: Napoleon.
Reason You Joined Community: Well, I was looking for ND communities a while back, and I only found a couple. Then I realized that I was spelling Napoleon "Napolean" so I chose the one with the best name. The end.
How did you find about the community: I searched LJ cuz I'm smart like that.

I also made a banner for the community, cuz I'm good at banners. Take it if you want.

It's probably the best banner I've ever done.

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