Melissa Anne (soakd_with_rain) wrote in heck_yes_i_did,
Melissa Anne

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Name: Mel
Age: 14
Sex: female
Location: michigan
Favorite Movie: school of rock, napoleon dynamite, mean girls
Favorite Bands: all-american rejects, evanescence, jimmy eat world, maroon 5, newfound glory, no doubt, relient k, the mars volta, yellowcard
Favorite Quote from the Movie: so what are you gonna do today napoleon? whatever the heck i feel like doing, GOSH!
Have You actually seen the Movie?: heck yes i have!
Favorite Character from the Movie:  napoleon
Reason You Joined Community: i wanted to join a napoleon dynamite community and this looked good
How did you find about the community: did a search
and if you feel like it in all put pictures...


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