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Name: Ryan
Age: 17, 18 august 12th
Sex: male
Location: New york
Favorite Movie: "Napoleon dynamite"(duh), "Garden state", "mallrats", "clerks", "Big fish", "vanilla sky", "almost famous"
Favorite Bands: green day, blink 182, my chemical romance, the used, interpol, bright eyes, pedro the lion, kings of leon, foo fighters, rage against the machine, audioslave, 311, smashing pumpkins, death cab for cutie, pennywise, coheed and cambria, thursday, taking back sunday
Favorite Quote from the Movie: It's gotta be "You think anyone wants a round house kick to the face while im wearing these bad boys?!"-rex kwon do and "YOUR MOM GOES TO COLLEGE!" haha.
Have You actually seen the Movie?: yeah like infinity of times!
Favorite Character from the Movie: pedro rocks but i like kip the best i think
Reason You Joined Community: cause the movie rocks.
How did you find about the community: i typed in "napoleon dynamite" under interests and got this
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